From Grain to Garage to Helping Hands

June 27, 2020

From Grain to Garage to Helping Hands
Toronto, ON – Now in his fourteenth week of volunteering with Dillon’s Distillers, Andrew Kerr has made multiple trips to the distillery to load his truck with nearly 4,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and has facilitated more than 300 pickups from his home garage. Healthcare workers, police, firefighters and others have come to rely on this donated supply, especially after the phase-out of a free delivery service that had been provided by an automotive company. After months of the COVID-19 pandemic, reserves of sanitizer at hospitals and other organizations have dwindled. As well, businesses are reopening while adhering to strict government guidelines, including the use of hand sanitizer. Andrew’s garage-based endeavour is a vital link in efforts to reduce the spread of the virus.
(Pictured above, left to right: Andrew Kerr and Geoff Dillon)

“I have collaborated with Whitney Rorison, Hospitality Manager at Dillons Distillery, to develop an ever-changing distribution process, which now has me conducting pickups out of my garage, while continuing to be available for my real estate clients! I have dedicated pickup days once or twice a week with a 6 to 8-hour window. I try to pre-schedule appointments to ensure they are contactless and safe. Special pickup arrangements continue to be available as needed.”

To date, Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers has donated over 60,000 large, 750ml bottles to approximately 1,500 hospitals of all types, first responders and their respective organizations as well as long-term care homes, shelters, restaurants and more.

“One of my favourite aspects of volunteering has been spending time with Geoff Dillon and learning the science behind the product and steps involved in taking it from ‘grain to garage’. It’s been very interesting to watch the product evolution. The first few batches they produced were 80% alcohol-antiseptic and people could add a small amount of moisturizer such as aloe vera. Now, the solution is being made in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) and includes both glycerine and hydrogen peroxide.”

Andrew is grateful that Dillon’s Distillery has entrusted him to play a part in distributing their product. “As a proud Torontonian, I care very deeply about our community. Knowing I’m assisting in helping to protect the people who keep all of us safe is very fulfilling and has given me a sense of connection to the community in a grassroots way during a challenging time for everyone!”

Dillon’s hand sanitizer is also available for sale to the general public and can be purchased via their online store: